Full membership is open to any Pentecostal theological institution in Africa offering educational services that adheres to the standards of this constitution, has been accredited or endorsed by APTEA or an equivalent association, and actively participate in the Triennial Assembly. The Association fee for Full Membership Schools is $250.00 per year.

Associate Member Institutions

Institutions which are members of APTEA but have not had a site visit and associate in triennial meetings will receive all correspondence from the organization and technical support when possible. They have the right to vote at a Triennial Assembly.

Endorsed Institutions

Institutions that have been endorsed by APTEA are classified as “endorsed.” For some, this is a first step in the process toward accreditation, but for others this will be a permanent level renewable every five years.

Accredited Institutions

Institutions that have met the international standards for accreditation by APTEA will be classified as “accredited.” These schools require teachers to be qualified to teach at the degree level in their field of expertise and have fulfilled the necessary international standards of quality assurance.



APTEA is open to institutions who are in the process of moving toward endorsement or accreditation and participating in triennial meetings, receive all correspondence from APTEA and receive technical support. They do not have the right to vote. The Associate Member fee is $200.00 per year.



Organizations or individuals that provide significant support and funding for APTEA’s activities. These partners represent organizations or individuals that are in harmony with the goals and priorities of APTEA. The association classifies two categories of Partners: Organizational Partner and Individual Partner.

The fee for Partner Membership is $20.00 per year.


PART 1: Application for membership is submitted to the Office of the Executive Director. The Board of Directors shall have the prerogative to grant membership to any qualified applicant.

PART 2: Members are expected to participate in the activities of APTEA and financially support the Association as per budgetary policy.

PART 3: The Board of Directors has the prerogative to withdraw membership from any member that fails to promote the objectives of the Association or to fulfill its obligations as a member.