Endorsement and Accreditation are services of the Association in which member institutions may voluntarily participate but are encouraged to do so. Endorsement and Accreditation are defined by APTEA to mean a peer review process, following a self-study of the institution, has determined that the institution is being guided by a well-defined mission and appropriate goals, has established conditions and procedures under which its goals are being realized with built-in quality assurance mechanisms, is substantially accomplishing its mission, and can be expected to continue to do so. APTEA’s concept of school endorsement and accreditation is that a school is substantially meeting or in the process of meeting APTEA standards, standards that are globally recognized for Pentecostal, theological education for the appropriate level of training, and is effectively accomplishing its mission.

Typically, APTEA accreditation is pursued by Pentecostal colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs which seek to meet globally recognized standards of university education. In some countries, these institutions may be required to meet government-imposed educational standards which overlook the unique dimension of Pentecostal, theological ministerial training. APTEA accreditation provides the quality assurance that all programs are successfully accomplishing the mission of the institution.

Endorsement is usually sought by institutions that offer certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s degree programs and are primarily focused on training men and women for vocational Christian ministry. Endorsement provides the quality assurance that the institution meets objective standards of performance and is effectively accomplishing its mission.

Endorsement and Accreditation by APTEA include the provision that an institution shall complete a self-study based on the Ten Standards for accreditation and endorsement. The self-study is the focal point of the process and provides a clear, realistic, and comprehensive look at all areas of the institution’s program as perceived by its administrators, faculty, staff, students, sponsoring church, and community.

An on-site visit is required for initial endorsement or accreditation, and for five-year renewals of endorsement and accreditation. In the event of any major institutional changes, such as location, or the addition of new programs, an additional on-site visit may be required by the Commission.

The Association shall provide documents and materials to member institutions to facilitate the process of endorsement or accreditation and will guide them in their self-study.

If you are currently a member institution of APTEA and want to know more about the self-study process, please contact Dr. Kauffeldt: <kirk.kauffeldt@paoc.org>.