The purposes of the Association are to:

  • Promote close working relationships and the sharing of resources among the Pentecostal theological educational institutions throughout Africa.
  • Provide mechanisms for sharing resources and fostering collaboration on matters of mutual concern. This may include a resource website, online journal, publications, conferences, seminars, and consultations.
  • Organize meetings and consultations for the members to encourage networking and to create awareness of societal and educational trends in theology, missions, leadership training, biblical studies, and church ministry.
  • Encourage scholarly research and writing that inform the development of contextual theology, biblical studies, missiology, leadership training, church ministry, and Bible-based, sustainable development within the Pentecostal tradition.
  • Provide criteria for members to assess the effectiveness of their working relationships with other member institutions.
  • Promote the adoption and implementation of endorsement/accreditation standards and procedures for member institutions which preserve:
    • The distinctives of the Pentecostal movement theologically and practically;
    • Academic excellence;
    • Efficient, accountable procedural systems;
    • Spiritual life development of students;
    • Effective leadership and ministry training for all students;
    • Educational and training programs that are developed to meet the needs of the students, churches, communities, and contexts where they serve.
  • Provide faculty enrichment resources to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Establish standards for teacher performance and teacher certification.