NEWS Updates

APTEA Annual Board Meeting 2024

The APTEA annual board meeting was conducted over two days in Addis Ababa on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 5-6, 2024. Twelve members of the board, including the 3 chairs of the commissions, were present along with four invited guests totaling 16 APTEA educators. Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt led the board in an extended time of strategic planning for the association. Work was done in strategizing for greater effectiveness for the association as it partners with member schools. The association is committed to helping Bible schools across Africa pursue excellence in their training of Pentecostal servant leaders to plant and pastor churches, develop skillful teachers for our schools, and equip men and women to reach the unreached of Africa.

Those present were Dr. Andrew Mkwaila, Dr. Emmanuel Amoafo, Dr. Cecile Bomboko, Dr. Jacques Compaore, Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt, Dr. Jeremy Feller, Rev. Ermisha Beyene, Rev. Randy Tarr, Rev. James Kesanta, Rev. John Tuu, Rev. Tawanda Munaki, Rev. Gloria Biffert, Rev. Ryan Jacobs, Rev. Janet Sherman, and Dr. Doug and Corrine Lowenberg.

New Chair for the Endorsement and Accreditation Commission

Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt announced that he is resigning as the chair of the Commission for Endorsement and Accreditation but plans to continue serving on the board as a denominational representative for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. In addition to his ministry with APTEA, Dr. Kauffeldt is the director of Global Education for the PAOC and serves on numerous boards.

Over the last few years, Dr. Kauffeldt has been working closely with and mentoring Rev. James Kesanta, Director of Education for the Tanzania Pentecostal Assemblies of God Denomination. At the APTEA board meeting in March 2024, Rev. Kesanta was appointed to serve as the chair for this commission. He brings years of experience as a pastor, educator, and administrator.

New Issue of PneumAfrica Journal (March 2024)

Dr. Emmanuel Amoafo, chair of the Commission of Scholarly Research and Writing, announced the latest issue of the PneumAfrica Journal has been completed. Please see the pulldown menu on the APTEA site to read and download the journal. If you would like to submit an article for future publication, please contact Dr. Amoafo <>.

APTEA Members Contribute to the Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual

During the 5th Triennial APTEA Conference in Nairobi, the Executive Director of Africa’s Hope, Rev. Randy Tarr, and the Dean of Strategic Training, Dr. Carl Gibbs, presented copies of the Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual to ten members of APTEA who contributed chapters to the text that is being used widely across the continent for pastoral training. APTEA expresses its appreciation to these men and women (from left to right): Dr. Jepthé Sawadago, Dr. Arthur Mba, Dr. Flindja Douti, Dr. Cécile Bamboko, Dr. Marcel Bamboko, Dr. Honoré Daplex, Dr. Béchié Gnanchou, Dr. Jimmy Kuoh, and Dr. Lawrence Chipao. Not included in the picture is Dr. Richard Bogere.

More than 60 Instructors Receive APTEA Teacher Certification

At the Triennial APTEA Conference, over 60 instructors were awarded their certification for teaching on Levels 1 and 2. The certification acknowledges that the participants have completed the training programs designed for these two levels. The goal is to strengthen creative and effective student-oriented instruction. Congratulations to the many who worked hard to achieve this level of instruction. And thank you to Dr. Murriell McCulley for pioneering this teacher certification program and to Dr. Beth Baker who is provided these training materials for APTEA instructors online. For more information on the online programs, contact Dr. Beth Baker <>.

McCulleys Retire after Amazing Impact on Africa

After serving in Africa for over 40 years in evangelism, church planting, and training, Rev. Bob and Dr. Murriell McCully are retiring from their many ministry roles in Africa and with APTEA. Murriell has been a tremendous blessing as a trainer of trainers developing the curriculum used for teacher certification within the APTEA Faculty Enrichment and Certification Commission. Of late, Murriell has served as the executive administrator and treasurer for the Association. At the 2023 Triennium Conference, they announced that this gathering marked their last visit to Africa. While the Association will continue to look to the McCulleys for advice, their physical presence in our meetings will be greatly missed.