Chair of the Scholarly Research
Writing Commission

Dr. Andrew Mkwaila

Dr. Mkwaila has a Doctor of Intercultural Studies and is currently pastoring and a faculty member for multiple theological institutions.

Phone: +265 998 676 877


The Scholarly Writing Commission is a service of the Association to encourage theological scholarship and publication among Pentecostal believers in the Pan-Africa region and by this means to assist in sustaining and enhancing the growth of the Pentecostal movement.

The means by which the objectives of the Commission shall be pursued shall include the following:

  • Encouraging the publication of papers, articles, and journals by members and member schools as deemed appropriate.
  • Conduction theological writing symposia in cooperation with one of more schools in the Pan-Africa region as deemed to be economically feasible.
  • Identifying and encouraging emerging scholarship among Pentecostal believers in the Pan-Africa region.
  • Identifying and monitoring theological developments and trends in the Pentecostal movement, especially matters of concern and interest in the Pan-Africa region.
  • Conducting discussion of theological issues within the Scholarly Writing Commission through annual Commission meetings and through other communication avenues, such as correspondence and electronic mail.
  • Issuing occasional papers or articles on significant issues, with the intention of providing resources for APTEA member schools. Executive Director approval for the circulation of such documents is required prior to circulation.
  • Facilitate collection and dissemination (through APTEA website and online Journal) of MA and doctoral projects.
  • Supervise an online journal and eBooks through APTEA website.

Regular reports will be made to the Executive Director and Board on the activities of the Commission.


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