The Online Journal of African Pentecostal Christianity exists to advance the cause of Christ in Africa through theological reflection on Pentecostal thought and practice.

PneumAfrica Journal is a blind, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. The primary issue is published in November of each year. In addition, a research edition is published in February of each year. The primary issues emphasize the disciplines of Theology, Missions, Leadership, and Education. The research edition focuses broadly on areas of research relevant to graduate and postgraduate studies in the four areas just mentioned. PneumAfrica Journal is part of the Association of Pentecostal Theological Education Accreditation (APTEA).

PneumAfrica Journal is an evangelical, Pentecostal publication. We uphold the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the fall of man, salvation in and through Christ alone, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the person and work of the Holy Spirit in salvation and as empowerment for witness. Furthermore, we believe in a final judgment, and that a new heaven and new earth awaits those who have believed in Christ for salvation. We also believe that the gifts of the Spirit, including various kinds of miracles, speaking in tongues, and prophecy are to be expected as manifestations of the Kingdom of God. However, we also deny heretical teachings, such as the so-called “prosperity gospel,” and word of faith movements often associated with Pentecostalism.


Managing Editor

Jerry M. Ireland (PhD) is director of Africa AG Care and Vice Provost of Pan Africa Theological Seminary. His publications include Evangelism and Social Concern in the Theology of Carl F. H. Henry (Pickwick 2015), and For the Love of God: Principles and Practice of Compassion in Missions (Wipf and Stock, 2017). He lives in Lomé, Togo with his wife and daughter.


Commission for Scholarly Research & Writing Chair

Dr. Andrew Mkwaila currently serves as the Executive Pastor of International Christian Assembly in Lilongwe, a constituent church of the Malawi Assemblies of God, and the General Manager of Channel for All Nations Radio and TV. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member at a number of theological institutions in Malawi and beyond. He received his Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2013.